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12 and a half days of Christmas

12 and a half days of Christmas Most of you won't know this, and it might not yet show in my execution, but I am very interested in marketing, social media in particular. My background is in film production, although I was low on the ladder, my ambition was to be a producer. There are some aspects of running a coffee shop that have a similar feeling to film production, but when I first started I think managing the front of house, left me missing the creative aspect of the film industry. Social media gave me an outlet for my creativity and about 7 years ago, maybe more (time has lost all meaning), I started paying attention to an entrepreneur...

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In South Africa growing up Halloween wasn't a big deal, but somehow it was to us. We didn't go too over the top, it was mostly just costumes, sweets and cakes. Maybe it's no wonder we ended up with a cake shop because in our house, my mom was always looking for a reason to celebrate. (How many people have a wreath for more than just Christmas!) Halloween is one of our favourite occasions to create cakes for. Niki and my mom let their imaginations run wild and the results are fun, spooky and very very yummy.This year we are doing boxes of assorted designs of cupcakes and biscuits. Our favourite is Buffalo Bat. Yes he's a bat called Buffalo,...

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