EARL’S COURT – The Original One

brownieboxearlscourt  brownieboxearlscourt


247 Old Brompton Road

The Brownie Box started in the summer of 2011 as a small family run brownie and cake shop in the heart of Earl’s Court. My sister, Kristi and I, set things in motion, putting into practice what we’d learned about all things cake, from our mother, Leigh Markou (who’s become fondly known as ‘Mrs Brownie Box’).

We excitedly welcomed our younger sister, Steffani and parents, Leigh and Alex in 2013 when they immigrated from South Africa and the Brownie Box was then well and truly a family business.

At the end of 2017, the business underwent a total rebrand, taking it from its traditional style into a more modern, simple look – a sign of the growing company and its progression to an exciting future.

The main attraction at Brownie Box is quite obviously the brownies and their white chocolate equivalent: blondies, of which there are endless varieties. The range also extends to muffins, bronuts (our invention of a hybrid brownie/doughnut), cupcakes, cake pops and bespoke birthday cakes along with other treats as Mrs Brownie Box comes up with new and exciting recipes all the time. Everything is handmade and baked from scratch with love and care each day by the fabulous team of bakers who have become a close-knit gang of girl power. The staff and customers start out as friends, but soon become part of the Brownie Box family too.


PUTNEY – The Pink One

brownieboxputney  brownieboxputney


We’ve since opened a smaller store in Putney, in the Exchange Shopping Mall on Putney High Street. The little store boasts the brand’s new look and has formed its own little community of local followers. While this store doesn’t have its own kitchen, everything is still baked in the original kitchen and delivered fresh daily to the mall. Customers have loved having their favourite tray of brownies freshly baked for dinner parties, birthdays and work events and all the popular treats and decorated celebration cakes can be ordered through the store too, for collection or delivery any day of the week. You'll find our friendly team of BB baristas, headed up by our very own Steffi Markou.


WANDSWORTH – The Production One

brownieboxwandsworth  brownieboxwandsworth


The bakers are in the very exciting process of setting up a production kitchen to be able to supply the two stores and their growing fan base with brownies, birthday cakes and all the other sweet treats our customers have come to love.

While the Brownie Box family grows, the size of the kitchen must grow too! Mrs Brownie Box has a lot of exciting recipes up her sleeve and needed a place to keep the creative juices flowing. Watch this space for our new range of vegan treats and healthy options that even die hard chocolate lovers will adore.