Can I order trays of brownies for parties?
Yes we sell the brownies by piece, by box and by the tray.
Do you have free from brownies?
We do a paleo brownie that is dairy and gluten free (contains eggs) and a peanut butter blondie that is also dairy and gluten free (contains eggs). We also do vegan brownies, and if you have an egg allergy all the rest of our brownies are actually egg free!
How long in advance do I need to order trays or boxes of brownies?
Minimum of 24 hours.
How long do the brownies keep for?
The brownies can last up to 4 days at room temperature and also freeze really well for up to 3 months. To defrost…
Can I have the recipes for the brownies?
Um no, we’ll let you know when the recipe book comes out.
Can I order bespoke cakes?
Absolutely, we can create a cake to fit any theme or celebration.
How long in advance do I need to order a bespoke cake?
Preferably a week.
What’s the biggest cake you can do?
We do a 12” round cake that can feed xx people and we can also do a maximum of three tiers for very large celebrations
What’s the smallest cake you can do?
A 4” cake that is the perfect cake for a couple. It’s basically two slices of cake.
What flavour cakes do you do?
Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, carrot, choc chip
Can you do free from cakes?
We cater for all dietary requirements and can do vegan, gluten free and egg free. Please note we do use all of those items in our kitchen and take every precaution when making free from cakes.
Is this really a family run business?
Until recently literally every member of my immediate family worked for the business. My youngest sister left in November, bit rude, but we let her go.
Who bakes the cakes?
My Mum does most the baking and my sister, Niki does some baking and all the decorating.
What do you and your Dad do?
I manage the business, work in the front of house and keep everyone in line ;P.  My Dad manages the finances and helps with some local deliveries.
 Do you just eat brownies all day long?